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We quickly developed an MVP mobile web application, enabling pilot testing within just five weeks.



The app aims to provide parents with an easy-to-use platform to record daily activities, track progress, and receive expert advice from coaches, providing a supportive and structured approach to eating disorder treatment.


The main challenge was creating an app with a flawless user experience and secure messaging channels between users and coaches in less than 5 weeks to launch pilot testing quickly. This involved meticulous planning to ensure that all features were seamlessly integrated. We focused on intuitive design to make the app user-friendly for parents while implementing robust security measures to protect sensitive information.

Our Solution:

Our solution smoothly integrates the application core with various workflow tools to reduce development time and enhance productivity and connectivity across various platforms. We utilize Firebase for authentication and establish a secure and reliable messaging channel via WhatsApp (for the user side) and a unified Slack account (for the customer side).

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