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Docker explained to a 5-year old

A long time ago, when people built things on computers, they sometimes had a problem. They wanted to share their creations with others, but it was really hard to do because everyone's computer was different, like having different types of Lego blocks, or having a different version of NodeJS, Mongo or JS, having a different set of environment variables, or even working on different Operating systems.

So, a smart person named Solomon Hykes thought of an idea. He wanted to make it easy for people to put their creations in special boxes, like lunchboxes, so that these creations could work on any computer, no matter what Lego blocks (local configuration) it had.

That's how Docker started! It's like putting your favorite toys in special boxes so you can take them to your friend's house and play with them there. These special boxes are called "containers."

# This is a Dockerfile! It's like a recipe to make a special box for our computer toys.

# First, we need a special box to start with. We'll use a box that already has some things inside it.
FROM magic_box

# Now, we want to put our favorite toy car inside the special box.
ADD toy_car /toys/

# We also want to add some yummy snacks, like cookies, to our box.
ADD cookies /snacks/

# We can even write down a note to remind ourselves to share this box with our friends.
LABEL note="Please share with friends!"

# Finally, we'll close the box and seal it up. Now, our special box is ready!

Docker makes it super simple for people to share their computer creations with others. It's like sharing your toys with friends without worrying about them getting mixed up or broken.

So, Docker is like a magical way to keep things neat and tidy when sharing stuff between computers. It's like having special lunchboxes for your computer games and making them easy to share with friends.

Cool, right?

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