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Serverless computing for beginners

History: So, a long time ago in the world of computers, when people wanted to make websites or programs, they had to worry about big, powerful machines called servers. These servers did all the work, like serving web pages or running programs, and they had to be managed and maintained by people.

Then, in the mid-2000s, something interesting happened. Some really smart folks thought, "What if we could make it easier for people to build things on the internet without worrying about these servers?" That's when the idea of "serverless" was born.

What is Serverless: Serverless is like having a magical helper who takes care of all the server stuff for you. You don't need to worry about those big, complicated machines anymore. Instead, you focus on writing your website or program, and this helper makes sure it runs smoothly.

What it's Good For: Serverless is excellent for smaller projects, like personal websites or simple apps. It's also great when you don't know how many people will use your website or app because it can automatically handle more users without you doing anything.

Limitations: But, like everything, there are some limitations. Serverless might not be the best choice for really big projects or those that need special, powerful computers. Also, it can sometimes be more expensive for long-running tasks compared to traditional server setups.

When to Use it and When Not: You should consider using serverless when you want to quickly build and deploy a small to medium-sized project without worrying about server management. It's fantastic for experimenting and getting things up and running fast.

However, if you have a huge project with lots of complex parts or you need super-fast performance, then traditional servers might be a better choice.

So, Grandma, think of serverless as a helpful friend who takes care of the hard computer work for you, making it easier to create your websites and programs without all the server fuss. It's like having a magical assistant in the world of computers!

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