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Cellxpert gives you the power to track, manage, and gain control over your partnerships. Our end to end, transparency-based solution centralizes every aspect of your partner ecosystem, so you can focus on optimization.
When Cellxpert approached us, they were a market leader in their space, with hundreds of live customers in production, managing and serving millions of advertising events daily.

They were interested in modernizing their technological infrastructure, including a full re-write of their legacy large-scale application and moving from on-premise to the cloud. As a company with such high sensitivity for SLA and downtime, we had to carefully plan the migration to be gradual and with as little production interruption as possible.

We decided to migrate their platform from ASP.NET to NodeJS and from on-premise to AWS.
After almost a year of work, their last piece of software was successfully migrated with 0% downtime, improving their latency by 8000% and cutting costs by over 90%.

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