QA infrastructure setup and automation for Nexar, ensuring extensive system coverage and enhancing automotive safety solutions


Background: Nexar is a technology company delivering automotive solutions to anonymous drivers, essentially making the driving experience a safer one.  

The Challenge: Nexar reached out to TLVTech in need for QA Automation engineers to work internally with their QA teams to set up the QA infrastructure and a complete system coverage.

Our Solution: After TLVTech managed the onboarding of developers, our team took Nexar’s hardware, firmware, and software updates they had built internally and managed end to end tests from scenarios and expected results all the way up to full regression testing, eventually automating the process. In addition, our team continuously added more test cases to make sure Nexar had significant coverage for existing solutions and results. Because our team went above and beyond, they were able to deliver impressive results within their given deadlines.

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