Revolutionizing user experience with smart search capabilities, enhancing ISCAR's digital presence and customer engagement


Background: ISCAR, the largest of the 15 companies part of the IMC group (backed by Warren Buffet), is an international metal-cutting tool manufacturer and marketplace.

The Challenge: ISCAR reached out to TLVTech after they were struggling with their website’s capabilities with respect to their traffic, and overall had an obsolete client experience.

Our Solution: With an understanding that millions of users relied on our expertise, our team performed a digital transformation on the website and back office. The main addition in the back-end was the establishment and utilization of an integrated smart search, allowing for users to more efficiently navigate the site to find millions of products, translations, variations, and written material.

Technology: The revamp was accomplished through the utilization of softwares such as Apache Lucene and partnering with Azure to utilize Azure Cognitive Search to effectively cut time and cost of development. By implementing this transformation, a significant amount of time was saved with every search for the user by auto-completing words, correcting typos, keeping traffic on-site (rather than transferring them to a third party engine), and users could more easily search through a large catalog of products.

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